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Tire Ballast

Tire Ballast in Worland, WY

Ready to improve the stability of your farm or OTR equipment? Look to your tires, and use a quality liquid ballast like calcium chloride.

If you don’t have the time, the right equipment, or the supplies, we have good news.

Big Horn Co-Op fills tires with calcium chloride for farmers in Worland, WY, Greybull, WY, Powell, WY, and surrounding areas.

Tire Ballasting F.A.Q

Never use a liquid ballast before? Want to know more about calcium chloride and the benefits of filling your tires? Read on, and we’ll answer some of the most common tire ballasting questions we see. We now offer Rim Guard services.

What is tire ballasting?

The word "ballast" refers to any heavy material that is used for stability purposes.

Tire ballasting refers to adding a liquid like calcium chloride or other material to a tire to increase its performance capabilities. When adding a liquid, the service is also known as a tire fill.

Why ballast or fill tires?

Ballasting or filling tires offers great benefits, including

  • Increased Traction
  • Better Fuel Efficiency

Tire ballasting is popular with farmers and allows tractors to work with heavier loads than usual.

Why fill tires with calcium chloride?

Filling tires with calcium chloride is a popular ballasting method that has been proven effective over time. Unlike some other liquid ballasts, calcium chloride will not freeze.

Fill your tires with calcium chloride and experience the difference firsthand.

Big Horn Co-Op Fills Tires with Calcium Chloride

It isn't always easy to find a tire fill service shop. We're proud to be one of the shops in the area that can offer tire ballasting services. We invite you to contact us when your tires need a calcium chloride fill. Our prices are generous and our team has the right tools for the job.

When you're ready for a liquid ballasting service with freeze resistant calcium chloride, let us know. You can give us a call, visit us in shop, or contact us online for more information.

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